Pressure Brain

Joseph jos at
Thu Jul 1 23:54:51 EST 2004

I had a sneeze last night with a fluid (i.e. mouthrinse, small amount) in my
mouth. I did so with my mouth closed, without swallowing. A saw a piece of
snot fly out one nostril very hard - the other seemed to not be used.
Anyway, with this being the only air opening used being this one nostril,
great pressure backed up into my head. It has felt rather bad since. It
might feel ok if I had the flu, but I do not. I just do not feel right, and
my head feels out of it. I have tried to make myself sneeze today (inhaling
pepper), and I have sneezed a couple of times, but it has not helped. I
still feel this pressure at the back of my head. My balance is subjectively
off, and I am cognitively poor. Could I have damaged my brain any? Surely
some cells would die, I am supposing, but an informed response from one who
understands the anatomy would be nice. What treatment options are available
in such a case? Anything for this pressure my brain seems to be dealing
I think I may need an MRI to investigate?

I had a good night's rest last night (though cannot remember what I dreamt).
I have been on a high dose of vitamin E for a couple of weeks (about 2000
IU/day). I do not know if that would have an influence here.

I appreciate the informed comments........

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