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> That seems to be different from  what you described earlier.
> Do you want to model the real retina or the "Silicon retina"?  There
> is a big difference.  To model the real retina, you must know really
> how the cells work.  To model the silicon retina, all you have to know
> is how that works.  And there, I can't help you.

You are correct, I am really after something more aligned to the silicon retina, but I
also want to understand it's design in relation to a real retina and to try to understand
the myriad of amacrine cells. To be honest though my research will not be going in to PhD

I have to say though I went though the site you suggested and it is extremely good, there
is a pdf download that gives a fantastic overview of the retina and is exactly the sort of
thing I was after.

I also have a collection of papers about neurons on order it includes "The Functional
Architecture of the Retina" in the Dec. 1986 Scientific American, though I just found out
I think you can get those old papers from the sciam site, anyway definitely worth a read.

All in all thanks for your responses, they have definitely helped me refine what I am
looking for.


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