How the retina works

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Fri Jul 2 13:08:00 EST 2004

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> "Wil Hadden" <ask at> wrote
> > I'm currently at the stage of researching whether my plans make ant sense!
> > Basically I don't want to be spiralling off doing research on retinas at
> least until I
> > know there's merit in building a simplistic model.
> > To that end I currently need an overview of the various layers.
> It would be useful to review research into the various "entoptic" phenomena
> like afterimages, color persistence, and edge detection, as well as
> comparative animal physiology.
> Simpler models are preferred, as long as they explain the observed
> phenomena.
> -MT

That is exactly what I am trying to model, I have more of an interest in edge detection
than in the make up of the retina in a physiological sense.

Do you know of any models I could look at?


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