How the retina works

Scott Seidman namdiesttocs at
Fri Jul 2 17:07:56 EST 2004

"Wil Hadden" <ask at> wrote in news:2km36lF3l0skU1 at

> I picked up on the the light passing though all the layers as well,
> what is the relevance of this not happening at the fovea?
> Or to be more precise, do you know why light passes through all the
> layers first? 
> Wil

The fovea does our highest acuity work, so the most direct path for light 
seems to have evolved there.  As for why light passes through all the other 
layers, noones  come up with a good reason for that.  Maybe it has some 
protective function for the receptors, maybe the retina is mechanically 
more stable that way, maybe its just an evolutionary quick.  FWIW, I seem 
to recall being told that the octopus retina is not layered this way, but I 
can't vouch for the info


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