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Larry Brash drbrashNOSPAM at
Sat Jul 3 02:20:43 EST 2004

Joseph wrote:

> I had a sneeze last night with a fluid (i.e. mouthrinse, small amount) in my
> mouth. I did so with my mouth closed, without swallowing. A saw a piece of
> snot fly out one nostril very hard - the other seemed to not be used.
> Anyway, with this being the only air opening used being this one nostril,
> great pressure backed up into my head. It has felt rather bad since. It
> might feel ok if I had the flu, but I do not. I just do not feel right, and
> my head feels out of it. I have tried to make myself sneeze today (inhaling
> pepper), and I have sneezed a couple of times, but it has not helped. I
> still feel this pressure at the back of my head. My balance is subjectively
> off, and I am cognitively poor. Could I have damaged my brain any? Surely
> some cells would die, I am supposing, but an informed response from one who
> understands the anatomy would be nice. What treatment options are available
> in such a case? Anything for this pressure my brain seems to be dealing
> with?
> I think I may need an MRI to investigate?
> I had a good night's rest last night (though cannot remember what I dreamt).
> I have been on a high dose of vitamin E for a couple of weeks (about 2000
> IU/day). I do not know if that would have an influence here.
> I appreciate the informed comments........

Always use a handkerchief when you sneeze. :-)

Seriously, there is no way you could have done any brain damage sneezing like that.

Forget the MRI, just stop worrying about your health.

[I am presuming that this was not a troll post, which was my first thought]

Larry Brash

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