Brain Injury due to pressure collision

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Sun Jul 4 12:50:51 EST 2004

Well, actually, I did that, but I was trying to contain a fluid in my mouth
(which I did), and the pressure from the sneeze was only released out one
nostril (and ear involvement was not apparent) - the rest of which backed up
to the brain on the opposite side. Maybe it is a feeling sort of like one
might momentarily get upon inhaling water through the nose. The feeling of
strong pressure (and swelling and a day later what also felt like bleeding)
in the back quarter of the head carried on for a couple of days despite
NSAID usage, and it still feels like I have been hit very hard in the head
on the one side. I still feel rather out of it (dizzy, imbalanced and full
in the head) and unwell. I would like to see what the inside looks like, but
it is not easy to receive permission from an MD for an MRI. I feel that an
aneurysm could have formed for one. I am also concerned about minimizing
damage to the brain.

It is said that a normal sneeze or cough momentarily increases the pressure
in the brain by 50-60 units.

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