death of the mind.

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>> > A simplistic approach is to simply say by fiat, "There is no
>> > homunculus. There is no soul (mind)". This is the position taken by
>> > many workers in the soft sciences. But only at work. When they leave
>> > the classroom, they discover that they do, indeed, have a soul (mind).
>> Well now we have it, and now we don't.  Perhaps we could say when it
>> goes away it dies.  Maybe we should bury it.  Perhaps there is a real
>> need to have a funeral here.  Let us officially mourn the death.  Then,
>> once finally buried, it may be less likely to return as a living dead.
>> When Nietzsche killed God, patty missed the funeral.  He just suddenly
>> was dead, gone from the scene, nowhere to be found, no chance to talk
>> with him on the bus ever again.  Can't we have just this little
>> ceremony, would that be such an awful thing?
>Don't be silly.
>Try to answer whether you have a mind or not. Do you, for instance,
>possess a subjective experience? (ie. 1st order consciousness) Do you
>see colors? Just *what* is this phenomenon? How can we explain it
>Mind is not simply perception, it is more than that (as it includes
>such things as planning for instance). What kinds of abilities does
>*your* brain have in addition to audio-visual/haptic/olfactory etc.
>perception? What do you call these abilities and their subjective
>Does the totality of these functions exist?
>Do you have a name for it? (If it doesn't exist, you shouldn't be
>referring to it.)

Do unicorns exist? Does phlogiston or caloric exist? Do celestial 
spheres, epicycles or the ether exist? Where did you learn to talk the 
way that you do? From your folk psychological popular culture!

You're calling Patty "silly"? I think you're naive, ignorant *and* 
silly. Will being told any of that help you to stop talking silly, 
ill-educated nonsense? Probably not, as to do that, you'd have to learn 
to talk a different, non-popular way about these matters - and the fact 
that you don't, won't or can't is what makes you appear so ignorant and 

Incidentally, things haven't "moved on" in this respect over the past 30 
years or so. All that's happened is that there are far more silly people 
like you in higher education and there's an associated industry all too 
ready to feed (reinforce) your silly reading "appetite" to make money 
out of your idiocy. This itself is just a consumer culture artefact, 
rather like video-games.
David Longley

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