death of the mind.

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> Not true to say seeing red is a photoelectric effect, we see red even when
> the frequencies are not those we think of as designating red. With age the
> frequencies hitting the retina change because of change in the vitreous
> matter, but we still see the same colours. 

And there is, of course, the famous experiment of "spinning" the
properly-shaped black-and-white disk, and producing an apparent
spectrum of perceived colors.

Seeing colours is not just a
> product of the visual system, clearly other types of information modify the
> colours we see.

Or that there are ways to cause internal conflicts regards integration
of the outputs of the 30/some visual areas in the cortex. After all,
they didn't evolve in the context of there being spinning BW disks in
natural scenes.

> These days I think brains are good dream machines, they just happen to
> create very useful dreams, so I like your radical doubt idea in the last
> paragraph. Reminds me of Dennis Sciama, prof of QM at Oxford I think who
> began his lectures with, "The world is a fantasy, let's find out about it."

Sounds like Dennis would have been a good candidate to fail the
so-called  Philosopher's Sanity Test. Once you're in the mouth of the
lion, you might perchance wake up from your fantasies, as your blood
is dripping down the lion's chin.

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