death of the mind.

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>>>>>>Because the First Amendment guarantees Freedom of Speech. Americans have
>>>>>>taken that to mean that all speech is equally valuable.
>>>>>This American takes Longley's speech as having no value.
>>>>Given the context, that assertion is 'simply' not true. In fact it could
>>>>be put more strongly. As it stands it is a lie.
>>>Longley is deluding himself.
>>Here, once again, we have a *maths* graduate making a 'psychological
>>appraisal' of what he has been told by an applied (behavioural)
>>psychologist viz-a-viz the former's limited awareness of the
>>contingencies controlling his behaviour and the consequences.
>Longley asserts as fact, that which is false.
>Either Longley is deluding himself, or Longley is a deliberate liar
>(or both).

As usual, you are far too selective when you entertain the 

>No psychological appraisal is required to make such simple
Your naivety, ignorance and solipsistic arrogance is astounding.

I (and others) have remarked upon it so many times to no avail that I 
doubt whether it will serve as useful feedback to you this time either. 
One can only hope that some other misguided readers might benefit 
vicariously from the analysis/explication of your behaviour.

David Longley

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