death of the mind.

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Thu Jul 15 16:31:31 EST 2004

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> Best that you had not used the word indoctrination here in the first
> place. That shows a somewhat callous perspective towards education.
> Like you, life has dealt me a few blows - eg, auto transmission went
> out this past week, on and on - but like Socrates, I choose not to be
> entrapped by raw materialism.
> And of course, to the enlightened teacher, as opposed to the
> egotistical self-same teacher, transcension is the entire point of
> education. Only a very poor teacher would say ... "... now students,
> I'm going to tell you the truth, and you must never waver from the
> path, or else you will become as idiots ...". Now, that IS
> indoctrination.
> Always better to talk about education in terms of opening students'
> minds, in order that they may learn to think for themselves, rather
> than closing them, by passing the gas of "absolute anything".
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The lyrics of a new song I'm working on open with:

Indoctrinated, words clouding the truth...

The heart of the indoctrinated can be cold as stone. It's a dark
world, my friend. And believe me, 99% of the people are indoctrinated
so that they never get past the 1.5th level of consciousness. Like our
lovely behaviorist word drones.



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