death of the mind.

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> Hmmm, Wheeler plagiarizing Heinlein. Bad, bad, bad.

Ha! Was wondering if anyone would pick up the old scifi classic reference.
Pity about the novel ending though, an avid scifi reader friend of mine said
that was because the publishers were becoming impatient. It was me
plagiarising Heinlein.

> And as mentioned several times above, the 98% or so of the masses are
> one thing, the other 2% are something else.
> We must endeavor not to suppress the minds of the 2nd group while
> dealing with mundane issues regards the 1st group. Must'nt we, now.
> ================

Oh I wish I knew how to do that.

> > And will people stop calling me a behaviorist. That is insulting to
> > behaviorists!
> >
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> >
> > John.
> Um ... you must be mixing messages. I didn't note use of that word
> pertaining to YOU in my preceding posts. However, as one who .... by
> his own admission .... is involved in an AI project which is on the
> verge of commercialization, why not talk more about some AI in general
> - and then other people around here won't be getting so confused.

Sorry Dan, comment was meant for other souls. As mentioned previously, I
really don't want to state too much more at present. I think the usefulness
of my contribution here is declining rapidly so I'll go back to being a
spectator for a while. Besides, I currently have many thousands of words to
address in relation to my AI involvement. That has been stacking up for
weeks now ... .

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. All the best in your respective


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