death of the mind.

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Sun Jul 18 12:07:07 EST 2004

"John Hasenkam" <johnh at faraway.> wrote in message news:<40f8dd30 at>...

> I am the most probably the least well-schooled person on this forum. I hated
> school, hated university even more. That's brain damage for you. A touch of
> opposition defiant disorder perhaps. That may explain why I've always
> enjoyed kicking against the pricks.

Which is why Pink Floyd wrote the song - The Wall - after all, because
of such schooling and such prigs. In a sense I truly feel sorry for
people who grew up in doctrinaire educational systems - meaning those
that close the mind, rather than open it up.

> So whaddya reckon Wolf, do I have any chance of teaching myself enough about
> behaviorism to give myself a useful insight into the same?

So long as you don't accept the tenets of behaviorsim - or anything
much else - as the premature and absolute truth, then you'll do well,
young grasshopper.

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