death of the mind.

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>> > The problem is that the behavioist position we see is not that the
>> > environment is an essential feature of any theory of behavior but that
>> > the environment is the exclusive determinant of behavior, period.
>> >
>> False.
>I'm not so sure this is true.  Ultimately, it sounds like for a
>behaviourist, it all comes down to the operants and the like, and yet if
>those AREN'T simply traceable back to the environment, then it seems that
>there's no disagreement between behaviourists and -- certainly -- 
>mentalists.  Yet the behaviourists here insist that there is.

Yes, well, behaviorists like Wolf seem to disagree with behaviorists
like GS and vice versa. Thus it would appear that behaviorists by and
large don't have any consistent definition of behaviorism apart from
it's whatever behaviorists do and say at any point in time.

Regards - Lester

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