Under-Appreciated Gems of Scientific Epistemology

Jeff Lanfield jlanfield2003 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 20 18:49:52 EST 2004

I am writing a paper on how new ideas gain acceptance in science. I
would like to get opinions on what were the most profound books and
thinkers on scientific epistemology you have encountered. 

By  this I mean a work that totally changed the way you look at the
world and at science. Below is my list. I would be grateful for your
additions. I
am really looking for works that are novel and different, orthogonal
to the ones I listed. For example, I included Bertalanffy's General
System Theory so I do not want the many, many other books on General
System Theory.

I'm specifically looking for the thinkers and books that are not only
highly original but also under-appreciated and not as widely known as
they deserve to be. For instance, Aristotle, Plato, and Darwin will
not make this list as their work is well known and universally

My list (no particular order): 

Rene Thom: Structural Stability and Morphogenesis
Ludwig von Bertalanffy: General System Theory 
David Bohm: Wholeness and Implicate order

Thanks for your help,

- Jeff

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