Thalamic Nuclei Text

Collinskppc collinskppc at
Thu Jul 22 06:42:27 EST 2004

>How's the heart?

It seems to be holding-steady. I was seriously malnourished, but one of my
neighbors told me about a days-old bread place and I checked it out. Turned out
that they also sell sweets there, and, in keeping with my desire to "live a
little before I die", I went at it -- Entenmann's chocolate-covered doughnuts,
washed down with some coco that was left in my Dad's cupboard when he passed
on. {I miss him. He was pretty much my reason for living.]

Turns our that 'curing' my malnourishment seems to have set things straight, a
bit :-]

And I was able to do my Proof re.  the Reimann Hypothesis.

The "medical attention" I need is more mundane, but, in part, correlated. I
cannot exercise because I can't afford to burn the calories.

Like I said, it's a 'funny' life I'm living.


TD E/I(down) to you and yours

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