I've claimed the Clay Maths Institute's Millenium Prize re the Reimann Hypothesis

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Thu Jul 22 07:02:19 EST 2004

>t was a chillingly-sorrow-filled exercise. Virtually everything that's in The
>Declaration is being commonly violated by America's current 'leadership'.
>That 'leadership' has completely forgotten [or never learned] what 
> America is, and how and why She worked as a nation.

And, yest, this's =all= Neuroscience -- because it all reduces directly to the
one 'thermodynamic' [energydynamic] that is what's at the heart of
Neuroscientific Duality Theory [NDT], having been left

Folks've been 'claiming' TD E/I-minimization for themselves while 'denying' the
same-stuff to others. And that's the prescription for the onset of savagery
amongst Humans.

I've been thinking a lot about all of this. It's a Hard problem because the
simple act of addressing it tends to elevate TD E/I over the short term, but it
seems to me that an approach that's focussed upon lifting folks up in an
understanding of the miraculous stuff that's always going on in their bodies,
would be a good one.

You know? Currently, the city in which I live is the site of augmenting street
violence. The young 'gangstas' have claimed the night, and, one can see what's
in their 'hearts'. They venture forth each night, wanting to 'prove their
manhood' -- looking upon the augmenting danger as a "test" -- but, because
they've no understanding of the miracles that happen constantly within their
own bodies, nor others' bodies, they blindly kill and maim.

If only they could be liffted up in understanding of the True-woder stuff
that's happening within their bodies -- within their nervous systems -- and
those of others, they'd have reason to seek their 'manhoods' through recourse
to other means.

When one kills or maims, one isn't 'becoming a man'. One is destroying a man --
destroying all of that True-wonder stuff.

Why not teach our Youth to understand, celebrate, and use that True-wonder
stuff, within themselves and all others, rather than remain oblivious to it?

Part of the problem has been that folks in leadership positions have been the
victims of analogous absence-of-understanding, and, instead of leading, do
nothing other than 'prove their manhood' -- and the Children follow this

k. p. collins

TD E/I(down) to you and yours

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