Under-Appreciated Gems of Scientific Epistemology

jacques jedwab jjedwab at ulb.ac.be
Thu Jul 22 09:24:12 EST 2004

Sorry! But you waste your time. All and anything has been said, even on
the role of the underdog in the lab (cf. de Sola Price on the role of
low-ranking technicians in great discoveries, e.g. the supporting of the
Michelson interferometer with a mercury bath).

Who remembers the name of the inventor of the electrical dynamo (Zenobe
Gramme), or of the stationary gas engine, or of the electrical brake. 

Science progresses both with Supermen (Ortega y Gasset model), who
synthesize a whole domain (ex.: Langmuir), AND with obscure plodders who
add a little pebble to the building (innumerable examples).


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