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>> In commenting specifically about such matters, Adler had the following
>> to say in Intellect, Mind Over Matter, 1990, pg X.
>> "... Metaphysical materialism ... has two obvious defects. The first
>> is that it has its foundation in a negative proposition that has never
>> been proved and never can be. In other words, it rests on the
>> unprovable postulate or assumption that nothing immaterial does or can
>> exist. That assumption may be true. Making it is not an error.
>> Asserting it ... dogmatically as an established truth ... however, not
>> as something that may be assumed, 'is' a serious error, a culpable
>> mistake to be avoided ...."
>Let's please avoid equating metaphysical materialism with behaviorism.
>My digital multism, for instance, is metaphysical materialism, but it
>is by no means behaviorism. Machine functionalism is materialist as
>well, but it is not behaviorism.
>Eray Ozkural

You might like to get a better grasp of what "behaviourism" is before 
you start talking about what machine functionalism or metaphysical 
materialism may or may not  be (cf. Popper & Eccles 1977; Putnam 1986). 
Just think what nonsense you might be getting yourself into by getting 
it all wrong in the first place. In fact, forget about the "might" - 
from what I've seen you write to date, it's pretty much a dead cert.

You really don't know what you are talking about. If your lecturers are 
telling you otherwise, change university before it's too late!
David Longley

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