I've claimed the Clay Maths Institute's Millenium Prize re the Reimann Hypothesis

Collinskppc collinskppc at wmconnect.com-T-R-I-M
Thu Jul 22 19:19:33 EST 2004

>If only they could be liffted up in understanding of the True-woder stuff
>that's happening within their bodies -- within their nervous systems -- and
>those of others, they'd have reason to seek their 'manhoods' through recourse
>to other means.

Why doesn't Neuroscience participate in this? I mean, why does Neuroscience
allow the wonders it's discovered to languish in libraries, when the Kid on the
street stands in such great need of it? [My machine's been 'co-opted'. Happened
while I was in sci.math.num-analysis. They screwed up. my enter key doesn't
work :-] but please consider what I've addressed here. This old-long-since
'tyrrany' of "we don't know anything about the brain" that's been handed down,
Professor to Student, for hundreds of 'years', has to be overcome. We do
understand enough of how the nervous system ["the brain"] works to enable us to
give folks understanding that can, and will, make a Joy-filled difference in
their lives -- and all of our lives. Why not =do= this with the fruits of
Neuroscience's labors? k. p. collins
TD E/I(down) to you and yours

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