I've claimed the Clay Maths Institute's Millenium Prize re the Reimann Hypothesis

Collinskppc collinskppc at wmconnect.com-T-R-I-M
Thu Jul 22 20:10:01 EST 2004

You know? Why not do what =we= can to give folks reason to find ways of solving
problems other than by 'solving' them by killing folks who induce TD E/I(up)
within their nervous systems? Why wait for guns and bombs to 'settle things'
when we can lift folks out of all of that just by sharing with folks what we're
doing -- and what they're paying us [well, most of us :-] -- anyway? You know? 

k. p. collins [hmmm... I see they read my last msg :-]
TD E/I(down) to you and yours

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