Under-Appreciated Gems of Scientific Epistemology

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Tue Jul 27 17:59:48 EST 2004

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> Jeff Lanfield wrote:
> > 
> > I am writing a paper on how new ideas gain acceptance in science.
> Reproducible empirical demonstration by despised and undeserving
> discoverers.  
> Kary Mullis won a 1993 Nobel Prize subsequent to a boring
> late-night drive down Highway 128 to Anderson Valley (Mendocino
> County, CA) in April 1983.  Millis got a $10K bonus for his
> invention.  Cetus sold his PCR patent to Hoffman-LaRoche for
> $300,000,000.

A warm body close to the scene of the action suggests
that Kary was stoned, drunk, or both, during many of
those years.

> I'd say a 0.0033% bonus was a bit slim, wouldn't you?  "despised
> and undeserving"

The young bright ones haven't all realized yet,
that they study or work in an incubator.  Scabs.
No doubt entrenched academics of all types are
busily outsourcing their best ideas before the
local technology management people get wind of them.
So, what else is new?  Growing mess.  Diminishing returns.

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  Mark (... nice weather we're having, eh?)

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