Hearing only with the brain?

Kalman Rubinson kr4 at nyu.edu
Tue Jul 27 20:40:24 EST 2004

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004 01:30:05 GMT, BilZ0r
<BilZ0r at TAKETHISOUThotmail.com> wrote:

>Kalman Rubinson <kr4 at nyu.edu> wrote in 
>news:tpvdg0d0i9h8ln90c9ad0r88404dikvoco at 4ax.com:
>> The efficacy certainly may be doubtful but it is likely that one can
>> evoke a predicitable auditory perception with electrodes on the
>> auditory cortex driven by an RF link.  Probably, no more or less
>> effective than similar attempts in the visual cortex.
>> Kal
>But isn't the topography a lot more certain, and the area a lot smaller? 

I don't know which you are referring to since, AKAIK, primary auditory
cortex is smaller and it's topography less certain than that of
primary visual cortex.

>I would have thought you could have done pitch very well, I don't know about 
>other things though.

Ditto.  Surely, there have been trials/experiments already.


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