Neroscience and animal research - help?

Branwen Morgan robandbran at
Mon Mar 1 12:06:00 EST 2004

Dear All,
I am no longer a bench neuroscientist, but am working
with a number of UK academic/industry/patient groups
under a non-profit umbrella organisation to increase
understanding of the need for the use of animals in
medical research (we are partly funded by the Medical
Research Council).
 I would really appreciate some help with the
We are putting together a presentation entitled, 'What
has animal research done for the brain?'It will
feature scientists and clinicians taking about a range
of brain disorders and how we try to understand what
is going wrong as well as explaining the development
of new treatments.
One big critiscism is that we never show/explain
exactly what we do. To this end, I was wondering if
anyone has any film showing any aspect of rodent
behavioural neuroscience e.g. rotorod test, light/dark
choice, Morris water maze, functional recovery e.g.
hind limb etc that I could use? I would also like to
have some footage of electrophysiological recordings
showing the bursts of activity on the oscilloscope -
even better if this includes rodent brain slices being
cut on a vibratome.

Please email me if you need further information. I
hope you can help.

Many thanks,
Branwen Morgan PhD

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