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> Re. Publication: When it was written, AoK was
> the best Neuroscience that'd ever been done.
> That is no longer True, for AoK, as it was
> written.
> Yet, having given Everything that I had to give,
> I'm left without the wherewithal to rewrite AoK
> for Formal submission.
> I Know, with Certainty, that, at least what's been
> in AoK all along is, 'now', broadly understood.
> I also know that folks've 'expressed' their Wills
> with respect to my receiving Credit for the work
> I've done.
> I Guard Free Will.
> So what I've done, over the 'years', is to outline
> a 'rewrite' of AoK, one little-snippet at a 'time',
> in msgs I've posted here in b.n and elsewhere.
> It's Genuinely-Funny to me that my situation is
> like that of the guy who's loaded-down - pockets
> full, stuff strapped all over his body, burgeoning
> pack on his back, arms-full, hands-carrying duf-
> fle bags, a head-sling, hanging-down, overflowing.
> And, as he walks by, all he hears is a sinister echo
> of the old 'joke', "Hey buddy, got a match?", that
> usually translates, directly, into "Hey buddy, since
> you're so good at carrying stuff, let me climb on
> your back so you can carry me, too."
> When it was written, AoK was orders of magnitude
> ahead of the field. The present 'state' of NDT is
> orders of magnitude ahead of what was Reified in
> AoK. I've been Forthright in sharing =what I can= of
> the latter. But it's Hard to continue because every-
> thing I do is widely ab-used.
> You see, I've Responsibility in others' ab-use of
> what's in the work I do.
> So the pressing-Need has, for a long 'time' already,
> been the Achievment of Circumstance in which
> there can be no further ab-use of NDT's stuff.
> Things'll go as folks Free Wills express that they go.
> Free Will =MUST= be Guarded.

As for myself, my Free Will stands-with all those
from whom NDT's understanding has been withheld.

It's a Sorrow.

Who, amongst Professional Neuroscientists, can ever
Acknowledge NDT's stuff?

The old, long-'familiar', Recriminating 'way' Dictates
that this Needed understanding not come-forward.

Everybody who could 'open-the-door' to it is 'locked-
within' a 'Prison', not unlike that of the "prisonhouse"
of Lincoln's "lock of one hundred keeys" metaphor.

The 'keys' are scattered across 'humanity', and those
who hold them 'cherish' them as if they are 'precious' -
kind of like the creepy computer-generated guy in
the =Return of the King=.

They sit, waiting to 'pounce'-upon anyone who would
'open-the-door' to NDT's understanding.

"Why didn't you" such and such?

"Why did you" such and such?

How can it be, when it's me who has paid the purchase
price of NDT's understanding, and I Choose Forgiveness,
that others deem it "their" 'role' to act in ways that block
the coming-forward of NDT's understanding?

I mean, on what grounds do such folks 'act'?

I reached-out to =everyone=.

And I'm Forgiving =everyone=.

So how can =anyone= resort to Recrimination that 'only'
stands-in-the-way of the understanding's coming-forward?

Things'll go as folks Free Wills express that they go.

This isn't a 'freebie'.

Because, if NDT's understanding does nto come-forward,
'humanity' will continue its self-Ravaging 'way'.

So, I must continue, going on the premise that folks who'd
so-Ravage themselves are not yet in-possession of Free

Get it?

=That= is Why NDT's stuff is 'Difficult' - it Discloses that
Reality, and 'Proud humanity' would rather 'pretend' that
it's self-Ravaging 'way' is 'the-way-things-are-supposed-
to-be', rather than Transcend self-Ravaging - be-cause
Truth is 'two'-'Embarassing'.

So, the only thing that there is to do is to Demonstrate that
acquiescing to the perpetuation of 'humanity's self-Ravaging
is the 'Embarassing' thing.

I'm 'tierd'.

I was going to give-up my Inet account, and return to working
off-line. But, as events in Hati demonstrated, there's a Pressing-
Need for quick-reaction, these 'days', so I've retained my
account, in order to sound-the-alarm, here in b.n, when the Need
arises, as it surely-will.

It's 'funny'.

There's no one who'll interact with me as Humans do.

But, in my Poverty, I've still got to carry this load n behalf of

It's 'funny'.

I just can't Forsake the Children.

K. P. Collins

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