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> Daniel [Boorstin] Died last Friday, 2004-02-27.
> It was my reading in his book, =The Discoverers=
> that was the "seed crystal" for my seeing that what
> has been referred to as "time" is just a 'redundant'
> ordering principle with respect to the one-way flow
> of energy, from order to disorder, that is what's
> =described= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].
> The World is less without this Man.
> K. P. Collins

I Apologize for misspelling Mr. Boorstin's name.

I don't know where my copy of =The Discoverers=
is. I did try to look him up before composing my post,
but there was no entry in the reference I used.

I learned of my mistake while viewing =The News Hour=
on PBS this evening, and chuckled while listening to Mr.
Boorstin's view on the Past vs. the Future.

But I'm still deeply-in-debt to you, Sir, and am Grateful
for your Life's Work.

K. P. Collins

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