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The light comes on.

Against the background of Neil's statistical
discussion, I'll discuss the way I worked-up
NDT's position.

I did not use Statistics.

I worked backward from first principles.
And there were many of these.

Which leaves me 'smiling', because, although
I've been discussing it all all along, if folks
were thinking "statistics", and looking for cor-
relations to standard statistical techniques,
then it's understandable that they'd 'comu-up-
blank', because I didn't use Statistics - be-
cause one cannot use Statistics.

One cannot be-cause, since Human nervous
systems are globally-integrated, what happens
'here' discloses nothing unless what happens
everywhere else, within the nervous system is,
simultaneously known.

That is, in condition 1, activation at locus A de-
creases, but activation at locus B can go up or
down, and in condition 2, activation at locus A
increases, but activation at locus B can go up
or down.

So nothing can be said about locus A, without
knowing what goes on at =every= "locus B".

It does an good to look at any "locus A" with-
knowing what's going on at =every= "locus B".

Statistics runs head-long into this 'Difficulty', so
Statistics can disclose nothing.

[For those who've been following my discussion
of NDT, there's nothing new, here. I made the
same 'point' back when some Statisticians stop-
ped by here in b.n. {I was, then, wishing it were
otherwise, because, since they'd stopped by, I
presumed they were Interested in helping to
bring NDT's stuff forward.]]

So how was NDT developed.

I went at it like a Physics Problem.

As TD E.I-minimization happens within a nervous
system, to the degree that it does, the nervous
system becomes like a dynamic "bridge" - like
a 'static' system of trusses, but highly-dynamic.

And, since this's True, TD E/I-minimized 'states'
can be operated upon in Infinite ways, every one
of which discloses information that feeds-back
into the analysis - and, be-cause the nervous sys-
tem is the 'engine' of behavior, behavioral analyses
also feed-back into the analysis.

It's all just 'forces' - ionic, neural, inter-personal,
inter-group, experiential-accumulative - you name
it, and it feeds-back into the analysis. [I discuss
this methodology in AoK, Ap10 - NDT's "five

The only 'Difficulty' in this approach was that, it
took 9 'years' of 'juggling'-information before the
analysis became like the highly-dynamic 'bridge'
that I discussed above.

It's been apparent, for a long 'time' already, that
folks weren't getting-it, which is why I've been
asking to be allowed to meet with folks in-person.

So I could show folks how to work in this way.

It's not 'easy'.

But the stakes were so High that I just forced my-
self to do it, which is some of why it 'hurts' so much
that folks won't even talk to me. The work involved
was Life-Taking. To do it, and only be treated like
a 'fraud' is a 'living'-Hell.

I'm =not= 'criticizing' - only trying to give folks reason
to understand. Somehow, the 'impasse' must be

I've been 'waiting' to meet with folks, in-person, for
twenty 'years', to work-through all of this.

What it comes down to is that the standard approaches
that are taught in Grad School just render folks 'blind'
to most of what needs to be integrated. Folks learn
what's necessary to ace their tests, but don't learn
what's necessary to comprehend nervous system

I mean no offense. I mean 'just'-the-opposite stuff.

The Problem Needed to be Solved.

It was Solved.

The Solution has remained unpublished because no
one will allow it to be published.

How can this circumstance be allowed to continue?

Anyway, as is demonstrated in Tapered Harmony,
the methodology I use Generalizes to the set of all
possible Problems.

It's a New 'Day'.

If no one will allow me to meet with them in-person,
I would appreciate it if someone would explain 'why
that is not possible'.

You know?

I've worked =Hard= - Harder than any hundred
People anyone knows of.

And that 'means' that I cannot even talk with folks,

It 'means' that I've got to be treated as if I don't
even exist?

'because' I want to "present a gift of understanding"?

ken [K. P. Collins]

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