Understanding statistical analysis in PET paper

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> ROFL :-]

Good - its the best medicine! :-)
(Converts states of distressful psychosomatic tension into a
health-promoting eustressful abreaction.)
> BTW, I 'fear' AA-"ALQ" [Absolutely-Achieved-"ALQ"]
> be-cause I 'fear' that it'd make me 'brain-dead' - having
> nothing that needs-sorting-out, and, thereby, nothing to
> do.

Don't you worry - because like me you have for all future been 'safely
deprived' of becoming a complete and utter ALQHolic. ;-)

Joke almost aside:- Would you (with your capacity for blind faith in the son
of the virgin Mary and her husband Josef) not dare to trust that an ALQHolly
spiritedness can hide in (or hitch-hike on) our crucial and quite central
capacity to be curious?!?

> 'Course, I could 'just' "stop and smell the roses" :-]

Good idea for an alternative way of using your ASS for paying (or focusing)
actention! :-)
> But only if there's AA-"ALQ" all-around.

No chance it would. Because in such an entirely unreal ideal world there
would not be any need for Anti-AEVASIVE associations.

And BTW, ironically enough, in this _real_ world (one populated by piles of
unrealistic people with Pain in their ASSs) the universal (phylogeny of
fauna relevant) principle of "Ambi-advantageous Evolution" (not a
fundamental law of physics or chemistry but at least an important sub-clause
of an Evolutionary Psychology Type explanation) has assured that
anti-AEVASIVE measures are doomed to be drowned-out by AEVASIVE ones.
> Until then, the Child in the Ghetto Needs-me.

Salvation Army is doing a better job than most, as far as that kind of work
is concerned.

But I do understand where you are coming form.

Best wishes,


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