Why are the cryosections fragmented and how can this be solved?

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Wed Mar 3 14:06:46 EST 2004

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> > > I'm not 'familiar' with your problem, but suggest
> > > that you perfect your sectioning technique with
> > > untreated tissue - you know, separate the var-
> > > iables, establish your expertise with the simpler
> > > problem, then add variables, proceding only when
> > > you're satisfied with the results at each level of
> > > complexity.
> >
> > What I wrote is inadequate.
> >
> > =Freeze= and take sections without otherwise
> > treating the tissue.
> >
> > Then add other variables, one at a time.
> Ken, if you can't help, don't give meaningless advice.
> [...]

Sorry, Matthew, but isolation of variables with respect
to compound-stuff that's going-awry is the best-possible
thing to do.

One doesn't have to be Expert with respect to a problem
to, nevertheless, be able to solve the problem, which was
the thing that I was actually addressing in my reply to the

This said, I do hope that folks who do cryosections on a
routine basis will assist the OP with specifics.

K. P. Collins

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