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> hello
> i have been interested in neuroscience for a while and am thinking
> lately that i may want to pursue it. what is neuroscience like to
> study? i presume there's a lot of memorization involved, judging from
> what i've heard about medical school in general. i'm mainly just
> curious and am having trouble finding information.
> tanya


Neuroscience is an awful lot of fun to study. I assume you are
interested in gradtuate study? This is not at all the same thing as
medical school (although many neuroscience programs are also
affiliated with medical schools).

In most graduate programs, unlike medical programs, the emphasis is on
problem solving, not memorization. Of course there's a lot of
subject-specific terminology that you would have to learn, but it's
like that with everything. Terminology aside, a good program will
concentrate on concepts, methodology and how to evaluate and interpret
experimental data or theoretical relationships.

It's important to pick a program where you'll have access to good
instructors,  who are willing to spend time with students. Ideally,
these instructors should also be actively engaged in research and
publication, so that you will also have an opportunity to do rotations
through a few labs. This allows you to get a feel for different types
of neuroscience research before deciding what you want to focus on.
There are many many different types of neuroscience research, using
many different methods. The lifestyle of a grad student in a molecular
biology lab may be quite different from a student in an
electrophysiology lab, because the day to day tasks operate on very
different schedules. You'll have to get some experience in different
labs before you know which is right for you.

It's a little hard for me to believe that you're having trouble
finding information. Going to, and typing in "graduate
neuroscience", produces the following:

"Results 1 - 10 of about 312,000. Search took 0.28 seconds"

Good luck,


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