Placebo finding re-confirms "ideas as opiates"

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Hi John,

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> Placebo Power:
> Dummy treatment works for depression
> Dummy treatment works for depression
> Dummy treatment has been shown to have
> an impact on the brains of people with serious
> depression.

> Theoretically, dummy treatment, known as
> a placebo, should be of no use at all.

Here, "Theoretically" is a Lie, because, out-
side of NDT, there is no "Theory" that's
applicable [except, it seems, that "Theory"
'si impossible' :-]

> However, some people with depression do
> respond positively when they are given a
> placebo such as a sugar pill.

And, when that which is provided to folks
is understanding with respect to how and
why nervous systems process information
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization,
all the 'mystery' 'goes away' :-]

All that's necessary has been in AoK, Ap7,
Ap8, and the refs cited in AoK, all along.

But AoK has been 'banned in Boston' [Cen-

> ...
> Patients who responded to placebo showed
> increased activity in the brain's prefrontal cortex.
> In contrast, those who responded to medication
> showed suppressed activity in that area.

Which Confirms NDT's position with respect to
both the 'engineered'-in mechanism of 'depression'
and its 'manipulation' via psychoactive substances.

[See the discussions of the "meta-active" and "meta-
passive" information-processing 'states' in AoK,
Ap7. "Prefrontal constellations". The so-called
"placebo effect" is just an artificially-'separated'
instance of the stuff discussed in AoK. The
artificial-'separation' derives in folks' deeming it
'necessary' to 'seek-cause' that's 'outside' of the
'normal' functional dynamics that are inherent in
nervous system function. It's an instance of old,
long-'familiar' stuff dictating 'what can be seen',
and what 'cannot' be seen. Folks who look-up-
on nervous system function as being "mysterious"
'cannot' see what's right-there in the 'normal'
functioning of nervous systems. So they have to
have an external 'handle', and say that, if there's
no such 'external-handle', then this or that 'can-
not be' :-]

And they 'feel' such so strongly that they relegate
everything else to 'oblivion'.

It's just another instance of prejudice toward
the 'familiar' dictating that folks 'shall not see', See?

Good gosh!

How I Ache! when I look upon folks' Victimizations
at the 'hands' of absence-of-understanding.

At the 'hands' of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-min-
imization, left uncomprehended.

At the 'hands' of 'the beast', "Abstract Ignorance".

> The prefrontal cortex has been linked to working
> memory, information processing, behavioural
> organisation and attention.

It's much-more than this, as is discussed in AoK,

Cheers, John, ken, [k. p. collins]

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