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Hi Peter,

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> > ROFL :-]
> Good - its the best medicine! :-)
> (Converts states of distressful psychosomatic
> tension into a health-promoting eustressful
> abreaction.)

The 'shunting' of high-TD E/I by the mech-
anisms of "laughing" [and it's affectively-aligned
inverse, "crying"].

> > BTW, I 'fear' AA-"ALQ" [Absolutely-
> > Achieved-"ALQ"] be-cause I 'fear' that it'd
> > make me 'brain-dead' - having nothing that
> > needs-sorting-out, and, thereby, nothing to
> > do.
> Don't you worry - because like me you have
> for all future been 'safely deprived' of becoming
> a complete and utter ALQHolic. ;-)


Still, I Hope - for all of Humanity - that under-
standing Happens, and Happening, transforms
the Future.

> Joke almost aside:- Would you (with your
> capacity for blind faith in the son of the virgin
> Mary and her husband Josef) not dare to trust
> that an ALQHolly spiritedness can hide in (or
> hitch-hike on) our crucial and quite central
> capacity to be curious?!?

First, my Faith is not blind. I've explained. It's
Obvious to me that Jesus Knew! how nervous
systems process information.

I cannot explain how it could be so. I only see
that it is so.

And, with respect to the rest of your query, I
cannot see beyond the one-way flow of energy,
from order to disorder, that is what's =described=
by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].

I can see, however, that my Faith does, in fact,
Transform my Being.

There's no 'mystery' inherent, save The One that
I, as above, I cannot explain.

> > 'Course, I could 'just' "stop and smell the
> > roses" :-]
> Good idea for an alternative way of using your
> ASS for paying (or focusing) actention! :-)
> >
> > But only if there's AA-"ALQ" all-around.
> No chance it would. Because in such an
> entirely unreal ideal world there would not
> be any need for Anti-AEVASIVE associations.

I disagree, here, Peter. Humanity's Survival
is Dependent upon progress toward what's
flat-out Verified to be Possible.

I see no 'impossibility', nor do I see 'unrealness'
in the Possibility.

All I see is that Humanity 'exists' in a 'state' of

Understanding Happens, and, when it does,
to the degree that it does, it Transforms every-
thing that it 'touches'.

> And BTW, ironically enough, in this _real_
> world (one populated by piles of unrealistic
> people with Pain in their ASSs)

=Victims= of absence-of-understanding

> the universal (phylogeny of fauna relevant)
> principle of "Ambi-advantageous Evolution"
> (not a fundamental law of physics or chemistry
> but at least an important sub-clause of an Evol-
> utionary Psychology Type explanation) has
> assured that anti-AEVASIVE measures are
> doomed to be drowned-out by AEVASIVE
> ones.

Yes, absent-understanding of how and why
nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization, folks do tend,
strongly, to 'blindly' and automatically 'move away
from' environmental sources of TD E/I(up), and
to 'move toward' environmental sources of TD

Changing this is 'hard' be-cause the changes are,
themselves, experienced as environmental sources
of TD E/I(up).

But, so what if it's 'hard'. Just 'walk-the-path' until
the 'path' gets so worn-in that it becomes 'familiar',
and voila! Understanding Happens :-]

'Course, 'walking-the-path' doesn't pay-my-bills,
but, hey, I've been able to sit at my PC without
wearing my winter coat for the past couple of
'days' - Spring is coming to the Northern Hemi-
sphere - "I've made it!" :-]

> > Until then, the Child in the Ghetto Needs-me.
> Salvation Army is doing a better job than most,
> as far as that kind of work is concerned.

Their're Great, as are many other Groups that
give-Solace to the down-trodden.

While they work in their way, I work in mine -
bringing-Newness - stuff that just didn't Exist-

> But I do understand where you are coming
> form.

Do you understand the Transformation that
giving a Child-of-the-Ghetto NDT's under-
standing works within the Child's Being?

It sets-him-Free of the 'blind'-automation
that would, otherwise, dictate to him,
'what can be'.


By letting him See what's in folks 'reactions'
to his ways that are, merely, 'unfamiliar' to

I Need to get the understanding to him [to her].

Cheers, Peter, ken, [k. p. collins]

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