Why are the cryosections fragmented and how can this be solved?

Matthew Kirkcaldie m.kirkcaldie at removethis.unsw.edu.au
Wed Mar 3 21:46:58 EST 2004

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 "kpaulc" <kpaulc at earthlink.net> wrote:

> "Matthew Kirkcaldie" <m.kirkcaldie at removethis.unsw.edu.au> wrote in message

> > Ken, if you can't help, don't give meaningless advice.
> > [...]
> Sorry, Matthew, but isolation of variables with respect
> to compound-stuff that's going-awry is the best-possible
> thing to do.
> One doesn't have to be Expert with respect to a problem
> to, nevertheless, be able to solve the problem, which was
> the thing that I was actually addressing in my reply to the
> OP.

Ken, I agree with your principle, and employ it all the time myself.  
However, offering it as advice for this specfic question was as useful 
as shouting out "disassemble the engine and put it together bit by bit 
until it works," to someone whose car has broken down at the roadside.  
It sounded like you just felt you had to have something to say, despite 
a lack of applicable technical knowledge.

> This said, I do hope that folks who do cryosections on a
> routine basis will assist the OP with specifics.



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