Why are the cryosections fragmented and how can this be solved?

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Thu Mar 4 00:04:02 EST 2004

Hi Matthew,

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> > > Ken, if you can't help, don't give meaningless advice.
> > > [...]
> >
> > Sorry, Matthew, but isolation of variables with respect
> > to compound-stuff that's going-awry is the best-possible
> > thing to do.
> >
> > One doesn't have to be Expert with respect to a problem
> > to, nevertheless, be able to solve the problem, which was
> > the thing that I was actually addressing in my reply to the
> > OP.
> Ken, I agree with your principle, and employ it all the time myself.
> However, offering it as advice for this specfic question was as useful
> as shouting out "disassemble the engine and put it together bit by bit
> until it works," to someone whose car has broken down at the roadside.
> It sounded like you just felt you had to have something to say, despite
> a lack of applicable technical knowledge.

I understand how I look most of the 'time' :-]

It was just obvious to me that the query
indicated that there was a need to get
fundamentals straight, instead of 'cutting
to the chase scene'.

I did what I'd like to have done for me
when it's obvious that I'm 'chewing-on'
so much that I can't 'taste' what I'm

It's a personal Agony for me - when I
encounter folks who, in their educational
environs, are not receiving the specifics
that they need. [Taps-into my own early
experience, in which I was 'lost', and
too-'cool' to know that I was 'lost' -
didn't even know scholarships were
available to me - didn't know how to
apply for college, didn't know most
of what other Kids received as a matter
of course :-]

[It's a bit 'hard', but there's Goodness
in-it. It's why I was able to see everything
with fresh-eyes - why I was able to see
the Newness.]

So I gave the OP what I could.

Just so he wouldn't be 'alone' with his

It is the way that I am - never leave folks
'alone' in-'difficulty'.

I'd rather 'appear a fool' than 'move
away from' folks who ask assistance.

[That I often 'appear a fool' is just
'funny' to me. Doesn't seem to make
any difference one way or the other :-]

If nothing else, the 'nudge' dispells the
notion that 'nothing can be done'. And,
that dispelled, a Person can Begin.

All things considered, if it's needed, what
I gave is not a small Gift, because it's
everywhere-applicable, within =all=

> > This said, I do hope that folks who do cryosections on a
> > routine basis will assist the OP with specifics.
> Precisely.
>       MK.

Peace, Matthew, ken

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