EMG signal acquisition

Jean-Etienne Poirrier jepoirrier at remove-me-please.ulg.ac.be
Thu Mar 4 11:13:09 EST 2004

Dear Panagiotis,

> Can I use a DAQ card from National Instruments, with 16 analog inputs,
> and to connect 16 BNC electrodes with a proper cable-adapter
> which would convert the BNC cables to a 48 pin connector?
> and then processing the signal with labview or matlab?

Yes you can. We do it (with a Keithley card) for our rats and it works 
fine on the 16 channels (in Matlab, not tested LabView).

> Or to buy a EMG system??
> What are the extra features offered by the EMG system?

It depends on your time and money. If you have little time and a lot of 
money, go for an EMG system. You'll get support and sometimes it's 
important. If you have some time and/or little money (we have little 
money), go an develop your system.

Be careful: I think that you will only be able to use your own system in 
research-only areas. Don't try your system on real-human-patients: I 
think you need some certifications (regarding safety etc.) for 

Hope this helps you!

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