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A small clarification, below, and another,
correlated discussion, added at the end.

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> While reading in the Hobson =Sleep= book
> yesterday, I 'learned' [I'd observed it before,
> in my own Being, but thought it was just 'me']
> that body Temperature becomes relatively
> 'unregulated' during sleeping-consciousness.
> It "Flashed!" that this =probably= is a cor-
> relate of the stuff that I discussed in the
> long-prior "NL-P Medicine" threads.

With respect to why it is that "body temp"
is stereotypically "98.6", and building-

> The TempK 'difference' probably correl-
> ates to differential molecular-'level' 3-D energy-
> dynamics, during sleeping-consciousness,
> relative to waking-consciousness.
> That is, be-cause of this TempK difference,
> sleeping Chemistry actually unfolds different-
> ly than does waking-consciousness Chem-
> sitry(?).
> One thing that comes immediately to mind
> with respect to this TempK differential is
> that it might be necessary in order to enable
> an 'inverse' Chemistry, in which processes
> that unfold in one direction during waking-
> consciousness, are allowed to 'refold' in
> the opposite direction during sleeping-con-
> sciousness.
> Hence, the gathering-together of stuff that
> becomes 'scattered' ['depleted'] during
> waking-consciousness would be facilitated.
> In terms of my former discussions of mol-
> ecular-'level' 3-D energydynamics, the
> 'down-hill-ness' is 'inverted' by this gener-
> alized TempK difference(?).
> Anyway, I doubt that this TempK difference
> is just an energy-conservation thing.
> "That's all I have to say about that." ["Forrest Gump"]
> K. P. Collins

Another thing that I Learned from my
reading in the Hobson book is that
sleep-deprivation Defeats metabolic-

Sleep-deprived rats will eat-more, but
still starve to death.

This "Flashed!" as a strong correlated
of TD E/I.

It's clear that the nutrients are taken-in,
but that they cannot be used be-cause,
in the sleep-deprived 'state' everything,
at all scales - molecular to macroscipic -
become 'desynchronized' - so the nut-
rients 'pass each other by in the night'
[of this disorder].

My discussion, above, about the sleep-
TempK difference is relevant, here. The
forced 'wakefulness' interferes with ['pre-
vents'] the generalized TempK 'inversion',
and the Chemistry can't 'refold' [as above].

But correlations of sleep-deprivation are
continuous at all scales of the 3-D energy-
dynamics - even the "database-walking"
that I discussed a couple of months ago
[the way in which new experience becomes
cross-correlated and integrated within old-
'memory' during sleeping-consciousness]
becomes dis-ordered [should be Observ-
able as a generalized TD E/I(up) condition
during sleep-deprivation], and, be-cause
the molecular-'level' 3-D energydynamics
are 'addressed' by the macroscopic 3-D
energydynamics [see my former discussions
of such 'addressing' ["tuning"]] the molecul-
ar dynamics are also rendered dis-ordered,
which is why, although the nutrients are in-
there to an elevated degree, they cannot
be taken-up.

It's all so extremely-very-much-INTE-
GRATED [see also, "standing-wave gene-
tics" S-WG].

=everything= else - tightly, as in a solid,
but so Beautifully-dynamic.

And, of course, the dis-order reflects, pro-
portionally, in Behavior.

"It's all 'just' TD E/I" :-]

K. P. Collins

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