Differential EEG

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On Thu, 04 Mar 2004 04:27:56 GMT, "kpaulc"
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} Computing power isn't a problem because the
} 'differentials' are =in= the recorded data. It's
} just a 'graphical'-analysis problem - slopes.
} It's the 'differentials' that're being cross-correlated,
} not the actual data.
} I know it's do-able because I did the same sort
} of thing with respect to the set of all known
} isotopes [which is all of physical reality] in 10
} hours - on a 486 PC.

Such "differential" analysis can be done via recurrence plotting.
The resulting graphical output is spectacular, and informative only in
a qualitative way. Programs such as Visual Recurrence Analysis (VRA,
laterst version 4.2) does this, and presents to resulting nonlinear
statistical results.

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