Autism & Vacination Paper Retracted

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That's alright.   I just thought that you might find it interesting why the
paper was not published.  Wakefield still argues that the research
methodology and results of the analyses are sound and that the funding issue
is completely irrelevant.  I've seen the paper and the results look (or at
least seem) valid.  Assuming of course that the sample is valid.

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> > The reason why the paper was retracted
> > was because the author (Wakefield)
> > did not inform the editor regarding one
> > of the sources of funding that he received
> > at the time he was conducting research.
> > Wakefield had been given $100,000
> > (US) for a legal-aid project to investigate
> > a possible link between measles, mumps,
> > rubella vaccination and autism, after several
> > parents suspected the vaccine had negatively
> > affected their children.    It was considered
> > that this was a conflict of interest and that
> > Wakefield's work for legal aid should have
> > been disclosed.    (He also published a paper
> > in the late 90's which showed no significant
> > effect previously).
> Thanks, Neil, 'now' I recall viewing a BBC
> Report on it the other night - I was Revulsed
> at the connection. It's 'funny'. When I saw
> the =NYT= headline today, I knew I wanted
> to address the topic, but had 'forgotten' that
> what I wanted to discuss was my Revulsion
> at the 'payola'. Should =never= happen, espec-
> ially in Science, but one can't breathe without
> seeing it happening during the course of one's
> everyday experience - a whole artificial 'reality',
> bought and paid for - kind of like the way that
> a few hundred dollars in reduced taxes is
> supposed to be 'turning the economy around',
> instead of burying America's Future in Debt.
> They 'think' they can 'buy-off' the whole U. S.
> Citizenry - "fool all the people some of the
> time", but, as the Future will show, they "can't
> fool all of the people all of the time". [A Lincoln]
> Knowing what 'moving away from' Truth wreaks,
> I'm Revulsed by it in all of its forms. I meant
> to post on the circumstances of the Retraction
> the night I viewed the BBC Report, but it
> slipped my mind [probably because of the
> difficulty I've been having accessing NGs - the
> necessary logon-overhead 'distracted' me.
> The analysis I've discussed [linked-to below]
> was stimmed by the now-retracted article,
> but was totally-independent of its contents.
> [All I 'knew' of it was from News Reports
> at the 'time'.] I just used it as an opportunity
> to discuss the stuff I discussed, which had
> developed long-before the article was pub-
> lished. [3-D energydynamics and their 'ad-
> dressing of molecular dynamics in an activa-
> tion-dependent way that couples molecular
> dynamics to experience - "standing-wave
> genetics", which, in my work, dates back
> to the late 1980s. While the 3-D energy-
> dynamics stuff will stand, my comments
> with respect to multiple simultaneous
> external interventions remain speculative,
> and have to be Tested.].
> Thanks again, Neil, ken [k. p. collins]
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> > > "Researchers Retract a Study
> > > Linking Autism to Vaccination"
> > >
> > >
> > > [...]

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