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> One big critiscism is that we never show/explain
> exactly what we do. To this end, I was wondering if
> anyone has any film showing any aspect of rodent
> behavioural neuroscience e.g. rotorod test, light/dark
> choice, Morris water maze, functional recovery e.g.
> hind limb etc that I could use? I would also like to
> have some footage of electrophysiological recordings
> showing the bursts of activity on the oscilloscope -
> even better if this includes rodent brain slices being
> cut on a vibratome.

> Many thanks,
> Branwen Morgan PhD


I don't have any movies like that, but there are some on the web. You
could try to contact the people who made them. For example:

Scientific American (Movie of Morris Water Maze):

Bunch of pictures of behavioral test apparatus:
Some great stuff here, including videos of interviews w/ scientists
and of behavioral testing, including Morris, Radial Arm, etc. Do a
search for "maze", then check out the articles and movies on "Memory
and Exercise", "Riddle of Addiction", "Genetic Schizophrenia" and

Direct links to those articles here:

For electrophysiological recordings *during* behavior, I recommend
trying directly to email someone in a lab that does stuff like that.
Prominent labs that come to mind are those of Matt Wilson (MIT),
Gyorgi Buzsaki (Rutgers) and Bruce McNaughton (Arizona State? in



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