"Prisoner's Dilemma"

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Bears repeating, with an update at the bottom.

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> > [...]
> > Anyway, the =ONLY= thing that's in my asking to meet
> > with folks in-person is my old-long-since Awareness that
> > the Graphical Maths that I use does, in fact, leave folks'
> > 'scratching-their-heads'. [Do 'you' understand? Not only
> > do I not want to 'bash' anyone, or 'whine', or 'lament'
> > anything, all I want to do is =GIVE= folks the means to
> > understand. Gees 'louise'! I've been thinking about pur-
> > chasing an Artist's outfit so I can 'paint folks a picture'.
> > Look back on all of my 'whining', and filks'll see that it's
> > been this Maths-translation stuff that I've been talking-
> > about all along - =not= 'recriminations'. It's just been
> > that I've known that, the more I do online, the more
> > 'embarassing' it will be when folks finally get-it. I've
> > =WANTED NOT= to 'embarass' anyone - because
> > I've also understood that, if such gains precedence, then
> > it'll tend to stand as a 'wall' in which all the 'doors' are
> > closed and locked by 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-min-
> > imization. Get it? I've been racing the slamming of the
> > 'doors'.
> > [...]
> It's an Abstract instance of the "Prisoner's Dilemma".
> "Abstract", be-cause I'm not trying to "maximize"
> anything for my 'self'. What I'm working to accomp-
> lish is 'blindly'-and-automatically 'moved away from'
> be-cause nervous systems 'blindly'-and-automatically
> 'seek' TD E/I-minimization.
> The more I discuss, without meeting with folks in-person,
> the more unlikely it becomes that I'll ever be allowed
> to meet with folks in-person.
> It's my personal version of the "Prisoner's Dilemma",
> and it's all been pretty-'hilarious' - watching folks'
> 'interpretations' of 'what it is' that I'm working to
> accomplish.
> A =lot= of folks 'think' it's "all about them", when the
> only thing I'm working to accomplish with respect to
> them is to Rescue them from 'the beast', "Abstract
> Ignorance".
> Anyway, I've been 'walking the tightrope" with re-
> spect to this personal version of the "Prisoner's
> Dilemma" aall the while I've been posting here in
> b.n.
> NDT's stuff is 'Difficult'.
> Working through all of it =requires= the fullness
> of in-person interactive dynamics.
> But it's 'hilarious'.
> The more I share online, the less-likely it becomes
> that I'll be able to share the fullness of NDT :-|
> No one, who hasn't experienced it first-hand,
> can even begin to imagine what it's like to want-to-
> Give, but being only 'moved away from'.
> To have to 'live' with the possibility that folks'll
> Choose not to receive-the-Gift, Knowing the
> Consequences, inherent, for Innocents.
> ken [K. P. Collins]

It's not that folks just 'move away from' receiving-

Folks 'want' to posses the Gift - 'want' it, sans my
determination to make-it-available to all People,

It's 'common' Theft. I've made a Study of the
behavioral dynamics, inherent.

As I'll discuss in another thread, it's Rampant in
our 'times'.


K. P. Collins

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