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There's an Editorial in today's [Sunday, 2004-03-07]
=Washington Post=, "`Anything Doesn't Go'". It
should be available at their web site:

The Editorial discusses the way that Republican
'operatives' hacked-into Democrat [and
Republican] private files in their local computer

As I read the Editorial, I found myself 'wondering'
how the Egregious Offense, inherent, is any different
from the Watergate Break-in that toppled the Nixon

It's 'ok' to Break-in if the Break-in occurs in Cyber-

That seems to be what it comes down to.

A Jackass 'twist' upon Ethics.

I'm Sensitive to all of this be-cause it's been 'open-
season' on my Internet PC for more than a decade.

When it happens to one, it's like being 'raped' - one
is Helpless to Defend one's self from the Theft inherent.
And the Violence of it is experienced in a way that
Ravages one's Being.

Yet there's 'confusion' with respect to its Perpetration?

This 'confusion' =CANNOT= be allowed to remain
as it is.

It is =NOT= 'acceptable' that =ANYONE= can 'feel'
they have a 'right' to Break-into anyone's Private files,
whether the files are in a filing cabinet, or in a directory
on one's PC's hard disk. It's all the same.

It's Theft.

Egregious Theft.

And the fact that folks in This Nation's Capitol are
'confused' about the fact that it is Theft discloses how
far the 'leadership' of America has Forsaken The
Constitution of The United States of America.

It's 'funny', 'two', because, in my case, it happens on
the CPU and hard disk that I =own=, because I pur-
chased them. It happens in the operating system with
respect to which I have purchased an =Exclusive=
License, that, if I were to Transgress my License
Agreement, would constitute Criminal activity for
which I could be Prosecuted under the Law. And it
happens using the Electricity that I Pay-for in my
Electric Bill every month.

Yet 'keadership' is 'confused' about the Illegality of
such Cyber-Theft?

How can they be 'confused', when everything in my
PC is so Governed under the Law?

'leadership' is so-'confused' be-cause the Jackass
stuff of Cold War 'spying' has spilt-over into the
Citizenry's everyday experience.

'leadership's experience with that 'spying' stuff has
spilt-over into 'leadership's general disposition to-
ward anyone 'outside' of the closed-circles of 'lead-

And they =NEED= to be called-to-task with respect
to the resultant Onslaught against the American Cit-

This Congressional-Hacking =cannot= be allowed to
go Unaddressed.

If it does, America has Ceased to Exist.

And it's 'leadership' that turns a 'blind' eye upon such
Theft that will have Ended America.

The matter is Simple.

Private Property is Private Property.

That Private Property exists in the 'privacy' of one's PC
doesn't make it anything other than Private Property.

This 'sanctioning'-of-Theft =MUST= Cease.

K. P. Collins, Citizen of The United States of America

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