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You bash Cognitive Science, because it invokes
internalized "concepts".

But I've never heard you comment upon ordering
principles that permeate nervous systems, and
which render nervous systems absolutely-unlike
the disconnected 'behaviors' that you invoke.

Understanding these ordering principles Necessitates
Conceptualizing with respect to them.

If one wants to understand nervous system function,
there's no way around Conceptualizing with respect
to these ordering principles.

And, as DD has stated, Conceptualization is refined
via reiterative theorization that converges upon 'com-
pleteness' with respect to =all= available data.

'dismiss' =anything=, yielded by Experiment, as 'being-
useless', and the only thing that one 'accomplishes' is
defeat of one's own 'efforts' to 'understand' nervous
system function.

k. p. collins

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