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> } I Enjoyed receiving your Pribram, Lashley and Hubel
> } annecdotes.
> }
> } The work done be each of them is in-NDT.
> How does Pribram's theory fit in?

All I know of Pribram's work was in the Chapter
he wrote in Arbib's Book, =The Methphorical Brain=.

He discussed a 'holographic' metaphore.

This probably 'clicked' with me because of
what I'd studied of Lashley's work.

And, from there, I just worked to knit together
the then-existing Experimental results, keeping
both Pribram and Lashley in-mind as I did so.

What I read of Lashley's work was hand-outs
in a Grad School Class that was taught by Grad
Students El Wakil and Standish, in the 1975-6
Academic year.

I focussed upon Experimental results at the single-
unit-recording 'level', and deliberately Chose to
not read others' theoretical syntheses, because,
if those syntheses were it, they were already in
the hands of folks who were in much-better pos-
itions, than I, to bring-them-forward. I saw the
best way in which I could hope to contribute was
in looking-elsewhere, so I did.

It was a 'lonely' endeavor, because I could not
get on anyone's 'bandwagon', and, finding that
not doing so 'pissed'-everyone-off, just 'went-
within-myself', hoping that I'd be able to work
fast enough to 'finish' before the 'solitude' took-
me. [It's not Possible to endure-forever without
the Sustinance of Social-Interaction. [And I'd
Appreciate it if folks, here in b.n would try to
understand my efforts in this NG in light of that.
My 'interaction', here in b.n, is all I've had in the
way of 'social-sustinance'. The 'thread' is worn
that fine. I Need to 'be-here' just to stay-Alive.]

> } It was my reading in a [Chapter written by Pribram, entitled,
> ) ["]The Holographic Brain["](?)], in a Book entitled =The Meta-
> ) phorical Brain=, By Michael Arbib] <--------------- CORRECTION
> } that was assigned by a graduate Professor of mine that, lead,
> } almost immediately, to the development of NDT's neural-glia
> } 'memory'-hypothesis [AoK, Ap5], and, within 4 'years', to the
> } development of "Information Calculus" [AoK, Ap6], which
> } also fed-forward from the Work of Hubel and Weisel, robustly.
> I hope you didn't take Pribram's theory from
> that book. He gets very angry when people
> misrepresent his theory by claiming HE
> claimed the brain worked holographically.

That's understandable. I took what I read
in that Chapter as another "metaphor" in the
Book of "metaphores".

And I remain =Glad= for having received it.

I didn't know that Lashley and Pribram had
worked-'together'. I Revere Lashley, and his
Work, and, like I said, when I read Pribram's
Chapter, the 'spread-memory' all just 'clicked',
and I pursued it at the 'level' of single-unit-
recording studies. [I've saved copies of the
main sources I used. Pribram's Chapter is prob-
ably in those boxes. I Cited Lashley in AoK,
but not Pribram, for the same reason that
Dr. Pribram "gets very angry about" - the brain
is not a Hologram. But what Pribram discussed
in that Chapter was pretty-important in setting-
the-course that I followed in the development
of NDT. Looking back, it seems a 'small' thing,
but his emphasis, in that Chapter, stuck with
me as I waded-through the Experimental results,
as did Lashley's work. I should've found a way
to Cite it, and have Regretted not having done
so ever since. [I long-ago clarified this in other
online discussions, BTW.] AoK was written in
two 'months', =only= in the Hope that it'd allow
me to 'come-in-from-the-cold', and be able to
write an in-depth treatment of NDT. The dev-
elopment of NDT would've been discussed in-
there, and Pribram's influence would've been
Cited. [When it was written, I stored AoK under
the name, "Abstract", which carried over into
the name of the electronic version of AoK's
introductory section.] I was always expecting
that AoK would win me the Opportunity to write
an in-depth treatment of NTD.]

Still am Hoping, in that way, but, I'm 'old', now,
so it's a dim-Hope, and I'm just doing what I
can here in b.n - just Refusing to allow myself
not to. It's all that's keeping me Alive.

Cheers, ken [k. p. collins]

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