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I caught the end-of-program recap of
main stories on NPR's =News Hour with
Jim Lerher= tonight. One of the main stories
was with respect to the Presidential campaign,
and, in it, President Bush bashed Senator
Kerry for Kerry's vote with respect to
'intelligence' funding.

An Open Letter to President Bush:

Mr. President, what good is this drain on
the National Treasure, if the =only= thing
it 'accomplishes' is an active-driving of Humanity
into "inward spiraling" [AoK, Ap8] toward it's

Oh, I'm sure =you= can't see it, but =everyone=
outside of your 'back-room' machinations =can=
see it - not in a 'mind-reading' way, but as a re-
sult of the way that any and all 'back-room'
machinations 'upset the tea kettle' within folks'
everyday experience, and that occurs within
nervous systems as externally-induced TD E/I(up),
in which Directionality is mapped.

The 'result', in America, for instance, has been
the Citizenry's descent into 'malaise' that, de-
spite anything that you do, leaves you unable
to start the Economy.

Outside of America, folks around the world are,
analogously, experiencing the 'same' externally-
induced TD E/I(up), and the result of that is
that everyone has been 'moving away from
the source of the TD E/I(up) - 'america' [I don't
say "America", because what you and your
'back-room' cohorts have done is =not= of-

You've Botched virtually everything, Mr. Pres-
ident, not through your own Will, but be-cause
you've surrounded yourself with a bunch of
group-'think' 'blind' folks, who give you Crap
for 'advice'.

The alternative is to Maintain a Strong Military
that Acts =only= in-Justice.

Then, let Action in-Justice Reign as America's
Light - Honest, all-the-cards-on-the-table, dealing,
Expecting the same from all Nations.

Fail in this, and you only bring all of Humanity
closer to its self-Destruction.

[If you want me to Teach the Intelligence Community
how to actually See what's going-on, and to use their
funding to powerfully-serve =all= of Humanity, I'll be
happy to do so.]

[And, BTW, I presume I've been shunted-off to a clone-
server, again, which is why I'm 'cutting-to-the-chase',
so don't be 'offended'.]

K. P. Collins

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