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} > } I Enjoyed receiving your Pribram, Lashley and Hubel
} > } annecdotes.
} > }
} > } The work done be each of them is in-NDT.
} >
} > How does Pribram's theory fit in?
} All I know of Pribram's work was in the Chapter
} he wrote in Arbib's Book, =The Methphorical Brain=.

Then I fail to see how you can say his theory is in NDT. You don't
know what it is.

} > I hope you didn't take Pribram's theory from
} > that book. He gets very angry when people
} > misrepresent his theory by claiming HE
} > claimed the brain worked holographically.
} That's understandable. I took what I read
} in that Chapter as another "metaphor" in the
} Book of "metaphores".
} And I remain =Glad= for having received it.

I'm glad you take the metaphor for what it is Karl himself shows off
an old hologram when he gives talks on the subject, but he makes clear
that's all it is, a metaphor. Plus, the mathematics describing one can
be used to describe the other.

} I didn't know that Lashley and Pribram had
} worked-'together'. I Revere Lashley, and his
} Work, and, like I said, when I read Pribram's

My scientific geneology, teacher to student, is Sherrington, Lashley,
Pribram and me. I did stereotaxic work on rats on the same table that
Sherrington worked on to discover the synapse and Lashley did the
cortical ablation work.

A point of interest about Pribram: Franz Kafka supposedly hid the fact
that he was a writer because of his government job; it is said it
would have been unacceptable for someone in his position to be found
writing things like that.

The man he worked for was Karl's uncle, and the man he worked next to
was Karl's cousin. Not only did they know of his writing, but he was a
friend of the family. He regularly went to parties at Castle Pribram
(which remains just outside Prague). Rather than being the morose sort
that most people make him out to be, he was one of the most likely at
these parties to don a lampshade and perform from on a tabletop. His
moroseness was only in stories he made up and had passed around on his
behalf. Although the Pribrams knew and appreciated the fact of his
true nature, not all government people would, and he did hide it from
them in this fashion.

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