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Clarification, below.

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> So, all of "Mathematics" is rewritten in NDT, all in
> a way that's Deterministically-coupled to the one-way
> flow of energy, from order to disorder, that is what's
> =described= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].
> It's a =New-'Day'= for Maths.
> NDT's stuff makes it Possible for Maths to 'go' where
> traditional-Maths dare not 'go' [or where it just
> 'threw-up-it's-hands'].
> I =want= to Demonstrate Truth, inherent.


Folks' Calculators and CPUs will still be robustly-

NDT's 'rewriting' of Maths is a Philosophical thing
that Eliminates the 'transformation' that had been
imposed be-cause the way in which nervous systems
do Maths was not comprehended, which allows
Calculations to occur in a way that's rigorously-
coupled to physical reality. This enables Maths to
go where it, formerly, could not go.

Mechanized Calculation will, of course, take such
into consideration, but, with respect to manufacturing
of calculating devices, this'll be a positive thing that
will increase revenues - kind of like the way that
existing CPU-advancement drives revenues - or
like the way HDTV is creating a new market in TV
sales. There will only be normal start-up 'difficulties' -
like when the Automobile industry had to Engineer
with respect to emmissions, fuel-economy, or new
safety regulations. NDT's rewriting of Maths is 'just'
another such Opportunity that will require the re-
write to be Engineered into Calculating devices.

As my discussions of Tapered Harmony's stuff shows,
I already do Calcs in NDT's way using existing
Maths coporcessors, so the recent 'stock market'
'knee-jerk' was Unwarranted.

k. p. collins

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