neuroscience training?

John H. johnh at
Wed Mar 10 00:13:43 EST 2004

I don't know how you arrived at that presumption. I say what I think, if I
want to play games then I deliberately make provocative statements. Below,
however, is very much what I believe. Why else do you think I remembered
those quotes when the Edelman text was one I read over a decade ago?

I've read a number of major texts on global brain function, consciousness
and all that. The only one I found truly satisfying was Damasio's "A Feeling
for What Happens". Edelman's text left me disappointed. At this point in
time trying to understand global brain function is like trying to teach a
first grader relativity theory.



"ken" <kpaulc at> wrote in message
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> Hi John,
> I've always presumed that you were
> just trying to play the 'devil's advocate'.
> But, perhaps it's been because, since
> I'm whare I am, and you're where you
> are, and our feet are our closest parts,
> we're just not hooking-up :-]

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