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I'm Sorry, just now, I'm too 'tired' to reply
in detail - because it entails reiterating
everything that I've discussed over the years.

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> I bash cognitive "science" because it invokes unobservables when it
> and uses them to "explain" the behavior from which they are inferred. The
> entities are almost always metaphors for things that whole humans do.
> Q: What do you get when you take about a million people who are too stupid
> to see that explaining "seeing," by saying that a part of your brain sees,
> is no explanation at all?
> A: Mainstream psychology.

I don't disagree with you that Mainstream
Psychology misses the mark. It does.

> When one looks inside, one sees neurons
> and glia and brain juice, not beliefs, stored
> memories, representations, or desires. The
> latter are inferences from behavior with no
> independent instantiation - in a very real
> sense, these things ARE behavior, not the
> physiology that explains the behavior the
> mental entities are said to cause.

Behavior is what happens when neural dyn-
amics drive the effectors.

The neural dynamics are the neural dynamics.

The neural dynamics can be studied in and of
themselves because the 'normal' neural Topology
is permeated by consistent ordering principles.

And, when these ordering principles are followed
all the way down, voila, the wellspring of Behavior
within the Biology is fully-disclosed.

But Behavior remains a =by-product= of the Bio-
logy's functioning.

Think about it in terms of a manufacturing process.

We work to understand how the manufacturing
process produces the manufactured product.

An Automobile is the end-result of a manufactur-
ing process.

But an Automobile isn't the Manufacturing Proc-

If uou assert that it's so, then, go to your Auto-
mobile and get it to give me the new car I need :-]

Cheers, Glen, ken [k. p. collins]

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