If They Could Read Your Mind

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I enjoyed reading the article [which is
reminiscent of another article that was
posted, here in b.n, over a 'year' ago
[that one, by a =Boston Globe= Re-

All of the stuff that's discussed in the
article, and the former =BG= Article,
is already occurring in 'low-tech' ways.

That is, folks're routinely 'intervening',
in forcefully-intrusive ways, within
others' Privacies.

It's been going-on since Ancient 'times'.

Shakespear Wrote about it.

Artists Paint it.

Philosophers Ponder it.

To have the stuff of one's Life Taken from
one, has Hurt, in the same way, all along,
hasn't it.


The 'high-tech' version of it will have only
one 'effect'.

Institutions that resort to it will end-up
Bankrupt and/or Defunct.

K. P. Collins

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