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> Peter,
> Checked out the Lorber stuff. Hmmm, some controversy there it seems. Some
> argue that slow progressive hydroencephalus could not result in Lorber's
> claims as a CAT cannot measure 1mm thickness anyway. What you do see
> is gross distortions of the cortex. Still puzzled though as to why his
> claims were never followed up with modern imaging techniques. Also noted
> my searches some interesting autopsy cases relating to this issue.
> As to the menstrual cycle stuff, see my response to NMF's query, can
> file if you wish.
> For a really puzzling account of plasticity, you might want to dig up the
> work by some Melbourne bods with a girl who had cerebral palsy and was
> paralyzed in one arm. They applied constraint induced movement therapy and
> did fMRI's, to their surprise, the ipsilateral hemisphere took over the
> and she is\was slowly regaining the use of the paralyzed arm.
> John H.
> John H.


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