Differential EEG

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> NMH: My challenge for you and anyone is the following: If externally
> magnetic fields cannot effect behavioral processes (such as
> then explain why when appropriate controls are presented (i.e. sham- no
> field) the effects are not there? The effect is only present when
> individuals are exposed to the magnetic field and not to the sham (no
> condition. For example, my colleagues Cook et al., (1999) have shown that
> the application of 10 mT counterclockwise but not clockwise
> rotating and phase-shifting magnetic field in the horizontal plane can
> intefere with subjective time estimations in humans. If the individual is
> exposed to either sham condition or a clockwise configuration of the same
> circumcerebral rotating phase-shifting magnetic field, the effect was no
> longer present (i.e. no subjective change in time estimation). Obviously
> the pattern and direction of the field were the crucial parameters
> the effects. (This finding has been replicated, so it is not a spurious
> result).
> GS: The crucial sentence is the last one - the one in parentheses. First,
> have there been any failures to replicate? Second, you haven't described
> procedure(s) and there are a number of variables that could be relevant -
> but I understand why you wouldn't go into details....don't get me wrong.
> still, as controversial as this sounds to me, one has to be skeptical.
> If you really wish to demonstrate the effect, expose each of four subjects
> to all of the conditions, multiple times. If you can get the effect
> repeatedly in individual subjects, then you've got something.

He's got exactly Nothing but a 'blunt-instrument',
applied in absence-of-understanding.

K. P. Collins

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